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Cash Flow Broker
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One of the Most Lucrative Home-Business Opportunities

The  business of Cash Flow Broker / Consumer Finance Broker is an exceptionally lucrative vocation that blends the three businesses of Cash Flow Broker, Factoring Broker, and Affiliate Marketer all into one.  To say this home business provides unlimited opportunity is the understatement of the year.  Additionally, complete training for this powerful vocation is available as an “Add-On” through the IACFB or International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.  

Requires Enterprise "C" Template and Hosting Package $279.95

Setup Details (Factoring)

  • Choose Your Domain
  • Select DataMax Enterprise “C” with Hosting
  • SSL ($29.95) Recommended

DOMAIN:  Although this is a home-business, it is very professional in nature.  DO NOT choose a domain that is “gimmicky” such as  Suggestions can be found on IACFB Magazine  for new IACFB brokers at

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All "Super-Sites" Include Two Videos

Video has evolved into a potent marketing tool. An increasing number of online marketers and organizations recognize the benefits, affordability and proven effectiveness of video in growing a business.  All DataMax “SuperSites” include video for both Discount Mortgage Notes and Commercial Factoring.  Click the VIDEO at left for a sample or any website template below.

All "Super-Site" Include Affiliates

All “SuperSites” include affiliate marketing programs and partners so that your site earns commission income 24/7. Additionally, all consultants setting up “SuperSites” have the powerful option of electing to become IACFB Agents (if your geographic area is available)  (Check Status)

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Because this consultant “SuperSite” provides business finance product for your visitors and prospective clients, IACFB Academy training is essential.  You can learn more about the Academy by visiting “Orientation” and also visit the Academy’s New YouTube Channel.